B-17 Annual Class B Rally

(3/18/21) This just in from Bob & Lourdes: "We hope that everyone is well. Unfortunately the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in a number of conflicts that will prevent us from attending and sponsoring the Rally this Fall. We hope that someone else will be able to step forward and sponsor an event. We'll be glad to assist if a new sponsor comes forward and would like to build on our efforts with Devil's Backbone. Bob and Lourdes."

Based on this, the fate of B17 depends on the pandemic status in October and whether we have willing volunteers to host B17 either based on Bob & Lourdes work with the current Virginia location or at a location of their own suggestion.

Check on this website to follow our path toward B17. When and if a B17 plan is back in place, no registrations will occur until the time of registration opening is posted here, on the FB B-Rally Group, and via an email to all former attendees.



Bob & Lourdes are changing the date for B17 from May, 2021 to Oct, 2021. The dates for the 2021 B17 will be Oct 11-14, 2021 in order to increase the odds that the pandemic status by then will have evolved to allow large gatherings and therefore the B17 B-Rally will actually occur. The Oct, 2021 B17 will be based on the original 2020 B17 plan below.
(Note that above 2nd pandemic driven delay for B17 was adopted 12/30/20.)

__________________________2020 B17 Plan (Cancelled due to Covid-19)______________________
Bob & Lourdes Pogue (pictured above) have volunteered to host B17 in May, 2020 at Devils Backbone Camp in Virginia.
The dates for the B17 Rally will be May 12-15, 2020.
There will be 48 sites with hookups and twelve without.
This year the RV park fee will be included in the rally registration fee.
Click on RV_Park under Next Rally above to see info on the rally RV-park.

B17 has been canceled due to the current status of the COVID-19 virus.

Bob and Lourdes email to B17 registrants: