Rally Financial Summaries

B-rally.org rally hosts provide a financial summary for their rallies that includes the balance of the rally financial assets that will be passed on the following year's rally hosts.

B16 Rally

Submitted: 8/18/2019

B15 Rally

Submitted: 10/28/2018

B14 Rally

Submitted: 11/3/2017

B13 Rally

B12 Rally

B11 Rally

B10 Rally

B9 Rally

B8 Rally

B7 Rally

B6 Rally

B5 Rally

B4 Rally

B3 Rally

We no longer have the B3 financial summary since the B3 website was lost and we do not have a copy of the B3 Rally Schedule where Sally posted them for B3.

B2 Rally

No B2 financial summary could be found in the RV.net discussion thread.

B1 Rally