Rally Fee Payment Instructions

Payment may be submitted by PayPal.com or by mailing a check per the instructions below.

PayPal the Easy Way:

1. Open the following link: paypal.me/b17rally

2 For verification, you should see the logo below

3. Enter the rally fee to be paid

4. Follow the prompts to send funds through your PayPal account

PayPal the Traditional Way:

1. Go to PayPal.com.

2 Login if you have an account; if not, you will be prompted later to setup an account.

3. Then follow the onscreen prompts to pay.

4. When asked whom to pay, enter "B17@B-Rally.com".

5. Enter the amount and the funding source (bank, existing PayPal balance, or credit card) and click "Send Money".

6. Then click "Friends or Family" rather than "Goods or Services".

PayPal Fees:

1. If your PayPal account is linked to a bank account or a PayPal balance there is no fee whensending money within the US.

2 If your PayPal account is linked to a Debit/Credit card a small transaction fee will be charged.

To pay by personal check:

1. (US residents only. We"re not set up to calculate conversion rates for our Canadian friends).

2. A check for the rally fee paid to the order of "Lourdes Pogue" should be mailed to:

        Lourdes Pogue
        1401 Hampton St.
        Richmond,VA 23220

Rally agenda events may be expanded based on the level of sponsorship. We"ll do our best to make you aware of updates but please also check back in for the most current information.