B16 Registration

Please note: This rally is open only to owners of Class B RVs (also known as Van Campers) as defined by the RV Industry Association (RVIA). These rallies were originated by participants on the RV.net Camping Van Conversions forum that limits discussion about Class B RVs as defined by the RVIA. So these rallies limit attendance to that definition of RV, i.e. a Class B RV started life as a van and the conversion company outfitted it from that starting point.

There will be no rally fee this year due to the campground offering a package deal for the rally. There will only be a campground registration fee of $175 per rig that will cover three nights at the campground (May 16, 17 & 18) and two meals prepared by the campground (Friday & Saturday nights). So registration this year consists of registering with the rally in Step 1 below and then registering with the campground in Step 2 below. This will be much simpler than last year's process.

Campground Cancellatiion Policy: If you cancel 15 days before arrival there will be a $20.00 cancellation fee, after 15 days before arrival there is no refund.

If your have any questions or don't get a confirmation email after submitting your registration in Step 1 below, send an email to classbrally@gmail.com. Also keep in mind that processing registrations falls to a volunteer-- unpaid, imperfect human being with another life who strives for perfection, but has been known to fall below that lofty goal-- so if your registration does not appear as expected, don't bug the rally hosts or the campground: use the email address above to report such failings. :)

Step 1 - Rally Registration

Complete this form and then click on Send Registration button below the form. (Items marked with an asterisk are required fields.) This personal information will not be used for any purpose except for administration of our rallies as part of our rally data base.

Please enter any questions, comments, suggestions, or special needs below.
(If this is your first Class B Rally, let us know how you first became
aware of these annual rallies and what made you decide to attend.)

Step 2 - Reserve a Campground Site

After completing step 1 above, occasionally check the B16 Rally Attendees page until your registration entry appears. When it does, you may call the B16 Rally campground (800-243-1056) to register with them. As stated above, the rally registration fee will be $175 per rig.