Please note: This rally is open only to owners of Class B RVs (also known as Van Campers) as defined by the RV Industry Association (RVIA). These rallies were originated by participants on the Camping Van Conversions forum that limits discussion about Class B RVs as defined by the RVIA. So these rallies limit attendance to that definition of RV, i.e. a Class B RV started life as a van and the conversion company outfitted it from that starting point.

Note (4/18/2018): It's not too late to attend this year's Annual Class B Rally if your schedule allows at this late date. We have three openings available due to dropouts caused by illness, schedule conflicts, etc. The first three registrations that we receive will have the opportunity to pay your rally fee and register with the RV park.

Update (4/19/2018): Two of the open spots have been filled, one left for the next to register...

If you register, wait for a confirmation email that we have received your registration and were among the first three before moving on to paying your rally fee. Registrations will be processed in the order that they are received

If your have any questions, send an email to

Step 1 - Rally Registration

Complete this form and then click on Send Registration button below the form. (Items marked with an asterisk are required fields.)

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting this form and When your name appears on the attendees page you may send your rally fee to the rally hosts, see Step 2 below.

Please enter any questions, comments, suggestions, or special needs below.
(If this is your first Class B Rally, let us know how you first became
aware of these annual rallies and what made you decide to attend.)

Step 2 - Pay Rally Fee ($45.00 per person)

When your name appears on the B15 Rally Attendees page, send in your rally fee, see Rally Fee Payment Instructions.

It is important to send PayPal payments for “friends and family” rather than for “goods and services.” If you send it for "goods and services" PayPal charges us a fee.

When your rally fee is received, you will be sent an email with the authorization code the campground will ask for to reserve a campsite and you may proceed to Step 3 below.

Step 3 - Reserve a Campground Site

After completing step 2 above and receiving your authorization email, call the campground.
See Reserve a Site Instructions.

Click on the B15 RV_Park button at top and scroll down to the RV park's campground map to see the campsites available for the rally (marked with red dots).

The Rally price at the campground is $35.50/day plus tax.