About b-rally.org

B-rally.org is a group (organization is too strong of a word) of Class B RV owners that organize annual rallies. It is totally volunteer based. The closest thing the Class B rallies have to a guiding force is a group known as the Rally Bosters that consists of all current and past rally hosts that still own a Class B and are active rally participants.

This website is maintained by volunteers and the web hosting cost (domain name registration and web hosting account) is funded from each rally's budget that in turn is funded by rally fees and sponsor support. Its functions are to provide (1) a single point for information about each year's upcoming rally, (2) a registration process for each rally, and (3) a historical record of past rallies. It is independent from rally-related discussion threads on social media groups/forums (currently existing on RV.net and Facebook) and is free of advertising except for each rally's sponsor page that lists the sponsors for that rally with links to their websites.

The continuation of these rallies is dependent on prior particpants stepping up to host the next year's rally. So far hosts have stepped up to continue the tradition. We have had as many as three sites nominatied for a year's rally and a vote of past attendees is used in these cases to decide on a site for the next rally. More commonly, we have had only one nomination that becomes the year's site by default. The nominee(s) of a selected rally site become the rally hosts for that upcoming rally.

Because the Class B RV definition is sometimes muddied by marketing deviations, please note that the b-rally.org Annual Class B Rally is open only to owners of Class B RVs (also known as Van Campers) as defined by the RV Industry Association (RVIA). RV.net has a Class B RV discussion forum at RV.net Camping Van Conversions forum. To further clarify, a Class B RV started life as a van and the conversion company outfitted it from that starting point.

b-rally.org Annual Class B Rally History

The seed for the idea for Class B rallies came from the Camping Van Conversions (CVC) forum on RV.net in 2004 when one of the forum members (GizmosMom) put forth the idea of an RV rally exclusively for Class B owners. A number of members of the forum thought it was a good idea and so a rally was organized. It's ironic that GizmosMom had a conflict and could not attend the first rally nor successive rallies before she no longer owned a Class B RV.

RV.net member Lynne Jayzee organized the first rally that was held in October, 2004.

Rally Site Selection

(Under review... )

Attributes of preferred rally sites

The date of the annual B-rally has traditionally been the last weekend in May that does not include Mother's Day or Memorial Day.  This is not a requirement, but the proposed date should be part of a nominated site's proposal.

Can the proposed rally site handle 40-50 Class Bs at least and with reasonably flat sites that are contiguous with each other?

Any site in the geographic US (or Canada) can be nominated for the next B-rally.

Does it have a pavilion, game room, etc. that can handle 80-100 people for sit down dining?

Can the necessary number of sites be reserved at this location for the dates of the B-rally?

Does the location have cell phone service and Wi-Fi availability?  This is not a requirement but many participants want this access.

Information for first time rally organizers/hosts

The rally hosts each year have been able to end up with a positive budget balance after their rally and that nest egg is passed on to the next year's rally hosts. Hosts have these funds available to finance rally preparation before rally registration fees and sponsor donations come in. This rally fund balance and support from the Rally Boosters and other rally attendees ease the task for new rally hosts.

If you are considering hosting a rally, it may be helpful to look at the information about financing of previous rallies that can be found on the Rally Financial Summaries page.

An email list for the Rally Booster members (all former b-rally-org hosts that are still active as Class B owners and as rally participants) is available to each year's rally organizers to use for asking rally organizing questions and discussion of ideas related to their rally.  This is the closest approximation to a guiding force behind the rallies and works to continue the tradition of annual Class B rallies by supporting each year's rally hosts.

The website "webmaster" supports each year's rally host(s) by providing a registration process that is initiated by the registration page on this website.