Most Recent Rally - B15 (May, 2018)

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The 2019 B16 Rally

These Annual Class B Rallies rely on previous attendees who are willing to nominate a site for each rally and then host the rally if their site nomination is selected for the next year's rally. Hosts have acess to many volunteers within the attendees to help out. If you are interested in doing your part to continue these rallies, read the "About" section on this website for some preliminary information about hosting a rally and post your nomination on either of the discusion threads linked under "Forums" on the website navbar at the top.

The two months following a rally is the period when nominations can be made. After two months, a nomination becomes next year's site if there is only one nomination. If there are multiple nominations, a site is selected via vote of prior attendees. If there are no nominations, we wait until there is one so that the annual rallies can continue. So far, this process has worked for fifteen years but it depends on attendees stepping up to contribute as others have before.

Hosts for all previous rallies (click on "Past Rallies" above) are listed front and center at the top of each rally's page on this website.